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sub: og-page_tit: Private Garden M. og-page_des: Situated in the center is the pool with areas for sitting and grilling, water lily pool and lawn with a high-crowned tulip tree to the sides. The garden is surrounded with grasses and perennials. Three yew cubes bring calm into the tumult of colors. og-page_kwd: Landscape Architecture, Topic, og-page_url: [open] og-page_img: [open]
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Private Garden M., Herrliberg

The starting point for the design of the garden of Villa M. is, on the one hand, a regulated private design plan that stipulates, among other things, the location and the height of trees and bushes, and on the other, the client’s desire to have a generous, modern garden as a setting of a value that equals that of the villa.
The villa with a view of Lake Zurich consists of square and rectangular bodies. An inner courtyard with a pool of water forms the center of the house. From here, terraces and views of the exterior space unfold on three levels. This language of forms can be read once again in the garden: rectangular bodies slide up to the building and nestle against it.

The structured garden bodies provide a colorful contrast to the light façade and the sandstone squares and paths, which can be seen throughout the year. These bodies consist of pruned evergreen yews, a lawn in front of the terrace, and the demarcating, surrounding yew hedge as conclusion and backdrop in the garden.

The greatest contrast to the structured building is an opulent planting of grasses that forms over half of the area of the garden. It can be seen from throughout the house and provides both a privacy shield and generosity at the same time. Interspersed in this planting of grasses are juneberry bushes – Amelanchier lamarckii – and redbuds – cercis silliquastrum.

In the prairie garden two color images predominate: one consisting of white, golden yellow grasses and perennials, and the other of purple and magenta-colored grasses and perennials. This corresponds to the lady of the house’s preference for a white garden and the man of the house’s desire for intensive, striking shades of color. These two color groups form two bands that undulate through the garden widening repeatedly, in front of and behind one another.

Project Data
Competition 2007, 1st prize
Planning 2008-2009
Realisation 2009-2010
Area 1`300 m²
Project Team
huggen berger fries Architekten, Zürich

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