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The ecological added value of water must benefit both nature and people. Water as an element has the potential to create emotional urban and landscape spaces that appeal to all the senses.
An intact supply of water for urban and landscape spaces forms the basis for people’s lives and the environment. At a time of global climate change, handling water as an element carefully is becoming increasingly important. On the one hand, we deal with water in a resource-conserving way and in line with an all-encompassing circulation principle, which, for instance, facilitates rainwater seepage. On the other, the qualitative added value of water must be made accessible to people. Sustainable open spaces can first be created when energetically sustainable spaces and worlds of experience that can be encountered with the senses coexist in a harmonious way.

Plansche, Berlin

The new water playground in the middle of the Plänterwald has become an “ocean whirlpool” that enables people to enjoy a range of play options and wooden platforms situated around a central water labyrinth. A one-of-a-kind leisure time offer for both young and old.

Promenade II, Sankt Peter-Ording

The open space concept incorporates the basic principles of the architecture. Islands of vegetation at the main entrance clearly separate the individual functions. Basic access for vehicles to the plot of land is concentrated along the building so as to be able to create a high-quality space for spending time along the ship canal with promenade.

Lido, Rapperswil-Jona

The spectacular view of the lake and mountains can be enjoyed throughout the experience of bathing at the Lido in Rapperswil, from the new seating steps along the pools of water, from the restaurant, and from the forecourt—facilitated by spacious openings in the building.
Curved terraces overcome the striking difference in height between the Rhine River and the Novartis campus. The design vocabulary developed based on the flow of the river creates a special sort of riverbank promenade.

Other Projects