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The ecological added value of water must benefit both nature and people. Water as an element has the potential to create emotional urban and landscape spaces that appeal to all the senses.
An intact supply of water for urban and landscape spaces forms the basis for people’s lives and the environment. At a time of global climate change, handling water as an element carefully is becoming increasingly important. On the one hand, we deal with water in a resource-conserving way and in line with an all-encompassing circulation principle, which, for instance, facilitates rainwater seepage. On the other, the qualitative added value of water must be made accessible to people. Sustainable open spaces can first be created when energetically sustainable spaces and worlds of experience that can be encountered with the senses coexist in a harmonious way.

Plansche, Berlin

Der neue Wasserspielplatz mitten im Plänterwald wird zu einem «Ozeanstrudel». Er lässt Spielangebote, Holzpodeste und Menschen um sein zentrales Wasserlabyrinth treiben und wird zu einem einzigartigen Freizeitangebot für Jung und Alt.

Promenade II, Sankt Peter-Ording

The open space concept incorporates the basic principles of the architecture. Islands of vegetation at the main entrance clearly separate the individual functions. Basic access for vehicles to the plot of land is concentrated along the building so as to be able to create a high-quality space for spending time along the ship canal with promenade.

Lido, Rapperswil-Jona

Während dem gesamten Badeerlebnis, vom Vorplatz durch grosszügige Öffnungen im Gebäude, vom neuen Restaurant und von den Sitzstufen zwischen den funktional abgetrennten Becken, lässt sich die Sicht auf See und Berge geniessen.
Curving terraces surmount the striking difference in heights between the Novartis Campus Park and the bank of the Rhine. The language of forms, inspired by the force of the current, interweaves the two spheres of the park with the site at the Rhine, and creates a unique zone along the riverbank.
For around 1000 new apartments, the neighborhood streets have each been given a different species of tree. Neighborhood squares with various leisure-time activities for residents stretch between them. The formerly filled in Mühlebach (mill stream) once again flows freely and is an attraction for residents and animals.

Seeufer, Zürich

Das untere Seebecken ist eine der Hauptattraktionen der Stadt Zürich. Es entstand 1887 nach einer Seeaufschüttung. Unterschiedliche Park- und Platzbereiche liegen wie Perlen an einer Kette. Obwohl seither mehrfach umgestaltet, halten sie noch immer den Ansprüchen der starken Nutzung stand. Der Bezug zum See verbindet alle Anlagen.

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