On Landscape Architecture

Images and landscape architecture have long been a intertwined. Claude Lorrain and other landscape painters of the 17th century already substantially shaped the development of the English landscape garden. Vice versa, painters were inspired by the finely composed landscapes of individuals such as Lancelot ‘Capability’ Brown.

Interestingly, when Guido Hager contemplates his 25 years of working life, he also cannot manage without pictures. He, therefore, asked Robin Foster to photograph his gardens and parks. The British photographer mirrors the contemplative nature of creating gardens in calm, black-and-white panorama images, creating a calm reflection on illusion and reality, on light and dark, on the poetry and truth of a synthetic Arcadia.

When three landscape architects and their photographers and book designers select one of these panorama images for themselves, then they begin to wander through the garden created in their minds and to recount what comprises the venture of building gardens for our fast-paced society of today.

Karin Salm

?ber landschaftsarchitektur