Sturzeneggstrasse St.Gallen

The new housing development is situated on the southern side of a flourishing moraine. It reacts to the naturally rolling terrain and forms a flowing transition to the open landscape. The positioning of the architecture emphasizes the entrance along with the preserved buildings of the hamlet. The square is strengthened spatially by means of plantings of trees.

Stadtpark Lebern-Dietlimoos  

Public Park Lebern-Dietlimoos Adliswil

On the edge of the municipality of Adliswil, a new district has been created at the foot of the Üetliberg – with a central park as a link between the municipality and its rural surroundings.

Asternplatz Berlin  

Asternplatz Berlin

The two courtyards inside the blocks of flats and the front garden area of the residential complex on Asternplatz have been carefully redesigned in the course of the conversion of the rooftop and the renovation of the facade of the buildings erected at the end of the nineteenth century. The generous open spaces with the in part protected inventory of trees have been retained and upgraded by means of an accentuating restructuring of the space and the addition of high-quality equipment and play elements.


Garden City Berlin-Falkenberg

In close proximity to the `Gartenstadt Falkenberg` UNESCO World Heritage Site, constructed by Bruno Taut in 1913–15, with open spaces by Ludwig Lesser, the spirit of modernism lives on in the expansion of the housing estate. The new development area is divided into smaller residential quarters that merge with the adjacent park.

Suurstoffi Rotkreuz-Langweid  

Suurstoffi Rotkreuz-Langweid

A location-building exterior space is derived from the potential of the landscape around Zug. Simple types of open spaces form the structure around the residential buildings.


Seegartenstrasse Horgen

On the grounds of the former paper factory, wild bär heule architects created high-quality residences with a lake view. Extensive plantings of perennials and reeds provide privacy for the future residents in such a way that the view is nonetheless preserved.


Stähelimatt Zürich

The situation on the periphery is characterized by a striking leap in scale. While the actual settlement area consists of a conglomerate of small buildings, gardens, and squares, the city segues abruptly into the large scale of the open landscape. Nature is incorporated into the settlement.

Neugrüen Mellingen  

Neugrüen Mellingen

Ninety oaks as an allegory for ecology and permanence and around eighty additional primarily indigenous trees shape the open space of the housing development constructed according to Minergie P-Eco and A-Eco standards. The extremely diverse areas for spending time encourage exchange between the generations. The rainwater seeps into the ground predominantly on-site.


Chriesimatt Baar

An enchanted forest surrounds the new buildings and communicates with the quite heterogeneous neighboring buildings. What the architecture and the space outdoors have in common are a coherent appearance and diverse content.


McNair Berlin

Play with the topography places the private gardens on a less visible level. In the play forests, sunken areas allow a retreat into nature in the midst of the densely built-up area.


Katzenbachstrasse Zürich

From the nearly natural environment outside, the contrast that the residential courtyard with its geometric, grassy slopes, ramps, and steps forms surprises.


Limmatwest Zürich

The outdoor spaces take up the typology specified by the architecture in three long zones. A row of plane trees stands on Hardturmstrasse. Private potted plants enhance the internal residential street. Pools of aquatic plants draw the eye to the River Limmat. Poplars typical of the location line the riverside path

Zellwegerareal Uster  

Zellwegerareal Uster

After four years of planning, the grounds of the two residential buildings by Gigon / Guyer Architekten and the artist duo Lutz Guggisberg have been completed. The main attraction is the courtyard with ten old pines in a modulated landscape. It is framed by hedges of trees with large oaks. The children living in the 138 apartments immediately discovered their park for playing!

Grütpark Adliswil  

Grütpark Adliswil

Three residential buildings are situated around a central square. The red fountain is a center of attraction and place to meet. Several oaks, small playgrounds, and large lawn areas create spaces to spend time between the buildings and toward the nearby forest. The ground floor sitting areas remain private as a result of hedges.

Wohnanlage Wolfswinkel  

Wohnanlage Wolfswinkel Zürich

The residential buildings are located in a park-like meadow landscape at the transition from the city to the open cultural landscape. Spacious seating steps lead from the entrance areas on the upper level to the lower-lying play and seating area. The clear view into the open landscape is accentuated and the slope is used as a play and seating element. A circumferential beech hedge frames cypress oaks and several maples of medium height in a large lawn. Water from the slope is caught in open retention channels and slowly seeps away.