Gärten Museum Jacobs  

Gardens - Museum Jacobs Zürich

The aim is to preserve the autonomy of the two gardens. This autonomy is expressed in the different atmospheres. The sunny garden of the villa at Seefeldquai 17 captivates with its elaborate enclosure and striking copper beech. A raised terrace takes up the central axis of the villa and guides the gaze to the lake. The garden of the villa at Mainaustrasse 2 fascinates with its shady character. Intimate seating areas are embedded in blue and deep red perennials.

Privatgarten O.  

Private Garden O. Bonstetten

The new replacement building for the single-family house in the agricultural zone retains its scenic character: large meadow areas, individual large trees, three columnar poplars at the entrance gate and a wild fruit hedge surrounding the garden to the street side. Various view axes into the wider surroundings strengthen the unique panoramic position. The area near the house is designed more intensively and with a clearer language of forms.

Privatgarten J.  

Private Garden J. Berlin

In densely built-up Schöneberg, a Shell gas station from the early 1950s becomes a private haven. Bamboos surround the garden, pines and ornamental cherry trees protect it from above, flowering perennials and a long pool of water create accents in every season of the year.

Privatgarten Z.  

Private Garden Z. Wettingen

Behind Wettingen Abbey, between walls old and new, below the autobahn, which is drowned out by the rustling of leaves and the twittering of birds, a calm, contemplative world opens up at the waters of the Limmat River.

Privatgarten M.  

Private Garden M. Herrliberg

Situated in the center is the pool with areas for sitting and grilling, water lily pool and lawn with a high-crowned tulip tree to the sides. The garden is surrounded with grasses and perennials. Three yew cubes bring calm into the tumult of colors.

Privatgarten C.  

Private Garden C. Zürich

In front of the Haus zum Brunnen is a sunny cushion of grass with Golden Chain trees. In the center is the entry courtyard with a granite fountain. Steps lead to the shady garden behind the house with yews and smoke tree.

Privatgarten T.  

Private Garden T. Schwyz

The small home garden at the foot of the magnificent Mythen massif welcomes with rose and water lily terraces that lead over two stories to the entrance and further through an herb garden to the residential garden. A grassy path leads through an orchard to an outlook bench situated high over the garden.

Barockgarten von Wattenwyl  

Park Maintenance Plan for Beatrice von Wattenwyl-Haus Bern

The old garden, which had run wild for many years, was restored in 2011–12. The preservation-worthy structure with its six terrace walls was sensitively rehabilitated, while masonry copings, steps, and paths had to be completely renewed. The two old plane trees continue to characterize the appearance, but the other planting was renewed overall. Vegetables, berries, and flowers are planted and tended each year by school classes and the Bern state nursery. The garden is not open to the public but is easily visible from the Münster Terrace.