Rheinuferpromenade Kleinbasel Basel

The strategy for the promenade on the bank of the Rhine is based on the natural geographic characteristics of the river. The knee of the Rhine with its erosional force has resulted in a riverbank on the Basel side that has been shaped by construction over centuries. At the same time, this dynamic opens up scope for developing the gravel bars on the Kleinbasel bank of the river. A continuous pebbled shoreline along the entire length of the promenade makes it possible to approach the water and thus makes the greatest potential, the river, accessible.
The promenade itself is structured in three segments that correspond to the urban spaces adjacent to them. Along the Schaffhauser Rheinweg, the promenade is designed as a two-row avenue of trees. The currently narrow area for pedestrians will be substantially widened. The generous steps in the area of the three “windows onto the Rhine” (Römergasse, Burgweg, Fischerweg) lead with terraced seating down to the pebbled shoreline at the foot of the embankment. The berm path that already exists there is taken over as a connection. The area at the Stachelrain will be upgraded with the further development of the already existing playground and the integration of the café in this area. New steps connect the higher lying playground with the promenade. They are continued in generous terraced steps at the water, which provide a magnificent panoramic view over the Rhine. A bathing platform quasi extends the small park up to the water.


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