Schulhaus Looren  

Schulhaus Looren Zürich

The pavilion-like school facility is situated in a landmarked garden where there is no space for either promoting biodiversity or space to play. It was possible to come up with a solution compatible with the location by means of a targeted upgrading of the roof surfaces, where it has been possible to achieve a clear improvement for biodiversity with minimum effort.


Cantonal Hospital Baden

A surrounding green space consisting of a field park and a southern and park garden characterizes the outdoor space and embeds the hospital within the landscape structures. The woodland areas are being enhanced and the Cantonal Hospital Baden integrated within a clearing that already partially exists today.

Stadt- und Staatsbibliothek  

State and Municipal Library Augsburg

The new building of the State and Municipal Library forms a new, cohesive urban-planning figure along with the existing building. A homogeneous carpet of surfacing material consisting of paving with good traction frames the combined building structures and incorporates the entrance area of the neighboring Maria Theresia Gymnasium in a coherent way.

Kantonsschule Themengärten&Mensa  

Cantonal School, Theme Gardens & Student Cafeteria Chur

With the renovation of the Cleric building, all the open spaces of the school and swimming pool were examined with respect to their potential. A loose grove of light-permeable indigenous trees frames the site and embeds it in the surrounding landscape zone. In addition to the open entrance squares and extensive lawn areas, the future steps and the school garden with its theme gardens form the center.

Experimenta Heilbronn  

Experimenta Heilbronn

Sauerbruch Hutton Architects are expanding the Experimenta Science Museum. The entrance plaza with splinter-shaped inlays lies between the present building and the spectacular new Science Dome. Steps lead close to the water. Behind them lies a serene, park-like landscape.

Schulhaus Rotweg  

School Building Rotweg Wädenswil

The positioning of the new school building within the existing structure facilitates the design of a spacious, south-facing schoolyard, which is now framed by façades on three sides. What arises topographically is a careful play on two levels linked by seating steps with a view of the lake. The overall appearance of the existing planting has been enhanced by means of new plantings.

Städtische Bibliothek  

Municipal Library Heidenheim

The library in Heidenheim is a new urban sculptural component with an island-like character. The square and street space flow around it with a light-colored surface. Planted areas take up the picture of the building as a “street silhouette” and structure the elongated square by means of offsets.


Burgerspital Bern

The Burgerspital with its inner courtyards is considered to be one of the most beautiful Baroque buildings in Bern. The large inner courtyard was created in the first half of the eighteenth century. It was remodeled several times in the nineteenth and twentieth century. There are only a few informative archival documents, which are now being interpreted atmospherically. The stringent basic architectonic form of the Baroque courtyard is being continued with clipped, high-trunk lindens alternating with potted plants and sunken squares of lawn.

The Circle-Flughafen  

The Circle-Airport Zürich

In cooperation with Riken Yamamoto architects, the landscape and buildings are interwoven with each other in design and function, creating a fascinating spatial dialogue. Indigenous forest ecosystems, open meadow areas, small glades, and a varied topography are mirrored on the façade. The flooring surface pushes out of the interiors of the buildings into the park. Spacious park terraces offer a splendid panoramic view.

Musée d'Ethnographie  

Musée d'Ethnographie Genf

The Ethnographic Museum is receiving a new city garden above the exhibition hall. Under an airy grove of blossoming trees, benches and lawn areas invite relaxing and strolling.

Innenhof des Bundestags  

Inner Courtyard of the Bundestag Berlin

In an orthogonal patter, paths, functions, and green areas are woven into an abstract, geometric picture. They become the expression of the mixing of art and everyday life, a subtle call to mistrust a conventional view of things.

Friedhof Friedental  

Cemetery Friedental Luzern

Within the substance worthy of protection, elements such as the avenue are once again strengthened, while the grave fields are arranged anew. Seating areas with cedars invite contemplation. The eastern section is supplemented within the existing structure with new forms of burial.

Universität Zentrum  

University Zentrum Zürich

In order to improve the range of qualitatively high-value open spaces at the university, all of the remaining areas will be made able to be used more intensively. The inaccessible courtyard was opened up to become a passageway.

Kloster Engelberg  

Abbey Engelberg

With the simple church forecourt and the serenely designed inner courtyard, the Benedictine Engelberg Abbey receives a welcome complement to the picturesque, sublime alpine landscape.

BiZe Bildungszentrum Zürich  

BiZe Education Center Zürich

The redesign takes into account the legacy of Ernst Cramer: the formative concrete planter boxes, wall beds, and lawn theater have been retained. Spacious, park-like surroundings extend around the old trees so as to provide space.

Estrel Tower  

Hotel Estrel Berlin

With the planned enlargement of the Estrel Hotel by the firm Barkow Leibinger, Berlin is receiving its tallest building. Generous steps lead to the water and a loose planting of trees invites relaxing after an intensive day in the city!

Fachhochschulzentrum St.Gallen  

University of Applied Arts Center St.Gallen

The eighteen-story university of applied arts is located at the train station. The roof garden on the fifth floor is the only green outdoor space for students. The design is derived from the hilly surrounding landscape with forests and meadows.

Pflegezentrum Mattenhof  

Mattenhof Nursing Center Zürich

The renovation of the nursing center is accompanied by the creation of an appealing path leading to new seating areas under wooded groves, planted to supplement the existing stock of trees. Along the path are a pool of water under pagoda trees, a rose garden with cypress oaks, an animal enclosure under Japanese cherries, a playground between spruces, and a fitness facility in Cornelian cherries.

Primarschule Uster  

Primary School Uster

Lines of trees and low hedges frame the school grounds. The outdoor space is functional, clearly arranged, and spaciously designed. It is structured into an entrance zone with an urban character with surfaces of asphalt and artificial materials and a soft lawn area, both connected by groups of trees.

KVA - Energiezentrale Forsthaus  

KVA Waste incineration plant Forsthaus Bern

The new, 300-meter-long energy center is anchored like a cargo ship in the Bremgarterwald (Bremgarten Forest) before the gates of Bern. We congratulate Graber Pulver Architekten AG on winning the top prize at the ARC Award 2013 in the category of “office, commercial, retail, and industrial buildings.” We are responsible for the outdoor areas and inner courtyards.