District Park Thurgauerstrasse Zürich

A consistent framework of trees consisting of indigenous tree species frames the future district park. Toward the existing and new residential area, this framework is permeable and again and again permits views in and out. Toward Thurgauerstrasse, the framework of trees consistently opens up and provides space for a spacious, inviting entrance area, which anchors the appearance of the park on the main thoroughfare, Thurgauerstrasse. At the deepest point in the park, there is a retention area to provide space for the seepage of rainwater. Water as a park element is staged as an element to be experienced by all.

The framework of trees defines a central and simultaneously open park clearing, which provides a view of the surrounding urban spaces. The loose concentration on the edge of the park contrasts with the openness of the clearing. Two simple paths lead from the entrance up to the new district square at the “Altes Schützenhaus,” which is inscribed in the park clearing as a horizontal plateau.

The “Altes Schützenhaus” deliberately becomes the focus of the entire park. From here, the socio-spatial design of the part is accompanied and its future and current use negotiated with all affected and interested individuals. The simple basic structure of the park ensures good and flexible use for all social groups, while the concrete design and use is a question of process, which is given its spatial anchor in the park with the “Altes Schützenhaus.” This makes it possible for the new park to be co-designed and brought to life by everyone.


Grün Stadt Zürich

Project Info

Competition 2018, 1st prize
Planning since 2019
Area 16`460 m²


Soziologie: raumdaten GmbH
Verkehrsplanung: Basler & Hofmann AG
Ökologie: Kerst-Beratungen