Train Station Wittstock a. d. Dosse

Within the framework of the State Garden Show in Wittstock/Dosse in 2019, the city planned a comprehensive rearrangement and redesign of the train station grounds. The empty train station building is being renovated to be used in the future for administration and healthcare. What emerges is a representative train station forecourt, with traffic and parking for vehicles in the surroundings of the train station reorganized, and adjacent access roads upgraded and/or refurbished. The open space of the station forecourt shifts like a carpet under and/or in front of the renovated buildings on the train station grounds, and hence frames them to create a unified ensemble. The area of the square is dominated by a sealed surface designed in a free form. It provides space for tables and chairs belonging to the kiosk to be set up seasonally as well as a surface for playing and spending time with generous seating options. Loosely interspersed trees form a shady leaf canopy. The planning of the new station forecourt takes into account the diverse requirements of various groups of users, creates a high-quality open space that both serves travelers and commuters as a central meeting point, and also provides a high-quality green space for spending time for visitors as well as individuals visiting the doctors’ offices and administration.


Stadt Wittstock/ Dosse

Project Info

Competition 2016
Planning 2016-2018
Realisation 2017-2019


Architektur bzw. Planergemeinschaft Hoffmann Leichter Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH - Verkehrsanlagen