Treptowerpark Berlin

Treptower Park was completed in 1888 as an English-style landscape park based on a design by Gustav Meyer, the Director of Gardens of the city of Berlin. The summer flower and perennial garden was added between 1959–69 as one of several special gardens. The planning goes back to Belá Pniower. It is understood as a symbiosis of Meyer and Pniower’s bodies of ideas. The park maintenance plan of 1996 serves as the basis for the rehabilitation. The primary goal is to retain Pniower’s existing design vocabulary while simultaneously strengthening the landscape park character through recreating visual axes. The planting of the existing shrubbery, which has a shielding effect, has been thinned out in a sensitive way so as to reproduce the visual reference to the Spree River. To enhance the park character, another objective has been the renaturation of oversized path surfaces and, concomitant with this, maximizing areas for flowers and lawn. The existing structure of the beds has been retained. The composition of alternating plantings of flowering plants and perennials has been interpreted in a contemporary way, the color themes taken over and handed down, and great importance put on staging the height profiles of the plants in an expressive way. The gardens have once again been transformed into an attractive and high-quality area of the park. The structural facilities such as the historical fountains, staircases, and walls, path and slab surfaces as well as the pergola have also been renewed in the course of the measures.


BA Treptow-Köpenick, Grünflächenamt

Project Info

VOF 2014
Planning 2014-2015
Realisation 2015-2016
Area 19`000 m²