Hinterrheinbrücke Reichenau

Where the Vorderrhein and Hinterrhein Rivers flow together, the second bridge over the Hinterrhein for two-lane development supplements the existing, landmarked lattice framework bridge. To achieve a less conspicuous embedding that better corresponds to the typology of the “Toma hills” that are typical here, around 30,000 m3 of the slope and an eight-meter-high retaining wall have been removed and replaced with an escarpment. This regulating intervention reduces the infrastructure facilities and better accentuates the bridge. Thanks to the direct redistribution of the active soil layer, the site of removal was already greened after only a few weeks. “Sora giuvna,” the younger sister of the historical bridge over the Hinterrhein, therefore fits elegantly into the unique surroundings in a way that is compatible with the landscape and finds its place in the family of important bridges in the region.


RhB Rhätische Bahn AG, Chur


Dissing+Weitling architecture as, Kopenhagen


WaltGalmarini AG Zürich
Cowi London


Donatsch + Partner AG, Landquart
Umwelt Boden Bau, Nina von Albertini, Paspels