Train Station Square Fribourg

Create space! The generous gesture of an open square between the two high-rise buildings makes the forecourts of the old and new train station clearly readable and commensurate. Linked by consistent surfacing throughout, these two forecourts are understood as one square. This is facilitated above all by the removal of the present projecting roof of the train station. It is now possible to stage the openness of the train station square anew. This then results in the creation of a spacious, clearly arranged urban space. The “Jo Siffert Fountain” by Jean Tinguely highlights the expansive emptiness of the square. Different qualities for spending time are inscribed in the public space of the train station square so as to satisfy the demands of commuters and travelers, as well as residents of the district. A grove of trees consisting of trees with a lifted crown canopy directly adjacent to the fountain accommodates a pavilion with a kiosk and a flower shop. The upgrading of the square is supported by the staging of Bahnhofsstrasse as a new city boulevard.


Stadt Fribourg

Project Info

Competition 2016, 1st Prize
Planning since 2016
Area 2.5 ha


Atelier für Städtebau Van de Wetering, Stadtplaner Zürich
Basler & Hofmann AG, Verkehrsplaner Zürich