Villes et Champs Genf

Behind a willow hedge, a path leads to a clearing. What seems to be unspoiled nature is actually part of an overgrown former waste disposal site on the edge of the city, created from a landfill that was filled in again and again. The boundaries of the plot of land are compacted with wild roses and willow cuttings. Wild herbs attract birds and butterflies, and a bakery scatters old bread each day. The chirping of birds at times drowns out the noise of the nearby autobahn. Willow cuttings provide shade for a bench. Next to it stands a book box with a selection of garden books to be read on the spot or taken along and sent back. The bakery, a school class, the mail carrier, and the nearby retirement home have each been given a digital camera with which they photograph the garden each day and post the pictures to a blog. The visiting, reading, and photographing give rise to a process that goes beyond the location. What result are new stories that might promote identity both internally and externally. … everyday life…


Association «Genève, villes en cultures: Genève, Lancy, Onex, Confignon, Bernex»

Project Info

Competition 2013, 1st prize
Planning 2013
Realisation 2014
Area 3`600 m²


Literaturwissenschaftlerin: Dr. phil. Barbara Piatti
Filmauthor (und Architekt): Marc Schwarz