Lower Lake Area Zürich

The Stadthaus square, the Bürkliterrasse, and Bürkliplatz are situated at the hinge between the lake and the Limmat River. With the new tree concept, the square, which has been redesigned several times, now makes it possible to retain the market. A hall of trees preserves the view, and the various types of trees emphasize the special location. On General Guisan-Quai, the installation of macadam improves the condition of the location with the existing trees and thus clearly marks this area as a pedestrian zone and panorama terrace. A wide strip of asphalt provides space for cyclists. The Arboretum has been realized as part of the quay facilities. The facilities have kept pace with the change in leisure time activities over the years. As measures, a pine that obstructed the view has been removed, the panorama terrace planted, and the walnut square (partially) and the poplar square (entirely) renewed. The Alpinum has been replanted as an elaborate planting of perennials.


Grün Stadt Zürich
Tiefbauamt der Stadt Zürich
Elektrizitätswerk der Stadt Zürich
Wasserwerke der Stadt Zürich
Entsorgung und Recycling der Stadt Zürich

Project Info

Planning 1986
Realisation 2006 / 2016 (two stages)
Area 7 ha


Staubli Kurath Partner, Zürich
Hans H. Moser AG, Zürich


Christoph Haerle, Zürich