Rudolf-Bednar Park Wien

A new city district is being created in Leopoldstadt: Where once there was a train station there is now city; where once there was industry, there is now a park. The “veil of trees” takes up the orientation of the nearby Danube River and of the former train tracks, and anchors the park in the future district of the city. Under its canopy are various areas ranging from utilization-intensive play and sport fields for young people to calmer uses in the “Quartiersgärten” framed with blossoming hedges, or the orange-colored play steles on which children can climb or swing. Between the broad expanses of lawn lie the “Schilfgärten”. As a reminiscence of the landscape space of the Danube, they offer places for contemplation along with a café at the heart of the park.


MA 42 Stadtgartenamt Wien

Project Info

Competition 2006, 1st Prize
Planning and realization 2006–2008
Area 3 ha