Eigerplatz Bern

Eigerplatz, as a location strongly shaped by traffic, today has a structure that makes it no longer possible for it to be experienced as a square. Splintered into disconnected remaining areas, the urban space consists more of a series of squares than providing a clearly readable character of a single square. If one looks back at the history of the location, Eigerplatz has a central importance as an important building block in the public space of the Mattenhof quarter. Derived from the urban design structure, Eigerplatz is understood as a central point between different districts of the city. A clearly readable spatial structure is created by intensifying and continuing the avenues typical of the block development that adjoins to the north, placing a tree volume in the northern triangle, and clearing the parts of the square around the multi-story building.


Amt für öffentlichen Verkehr des Kantons Bern

Project Info

Competition 2010, 1st prize


Giuliani Hönger Architekten AG, Zürich


B&S Ingenieure