Schärrerwiese Zürich

The centre of Höngg had the typical development structure of a hamlet with manifold structured outside areas. The old buildings were torn down and rebuilt to look old within the core zone. Instead of being rebuilt, the Schärrerwiese was designed anew over the underground parking garage. Hedges form spaces of various sizes. Familiar playground equipment has been re-arranged. Children get a sense of familiarity from the known, but the their interest is also awakened by the new. An in-tricate network of paths traverses the site. Seats invite visitors to linger a while in the sunshine and shade. The underground parking garage remains largely invisible. The linearly geometric site refers indirectly to the artificial location and attempts to counteract nostalgically superficial harmonization.


Grün Stadt Zürich
Frutiger GU AG

Project Info

Planning 1989
Realisation 1990-1991
Area 3'000 m²