University Zentrum Zürich

The Office for Building and Construction of the Canton of Zurich is pursuing the goal of improving the number of high-quality open spaces offered at the university center. The first phase was completed with the building of a new underground lecture hall. The architects, Gigon I Guyer along with the artist Adrian Schiess placed a red basin in the center and also colored the bordering walls red. A new passageway underneath the basin connects the western entrance with the can¬teen.The canteen roof was greened and made accessible via a staircase. Both areas were not accessible previously. Along the southern façade, instead of a narrow stairway between cement troughs, there is now an inviting cascade of stairs whose steps shimmer indirectly at night. In contrast to these open areas, there are enchanting passageways to a seating area in the extended Bodmer garden. The design was awarded the Silberne Hase in 2004.


Hochbauamt Kanton Zürich

Project Info

Planning 2000
Realisation 2002-2003
Area 2'300 m² (1st stage)


Gigon / Guyer Architekten, Zürich
R. Wolfensberger Architekt, Zürich


Adrian Schiess