General Guisan-Quai Zürich

General Guisan-Quai, which lies between the architectural Bürkliplatz and the landscaped Arboretum, was inaugurated in 1887 and expanded in 1921. The macadamized square is planted with horse chestnut and tulip trees. Views free of trees maintain the street axes up to the lake. The mosaic fountain designed by Alfred F. Bluntschli in 1909 forms the main central conclusion of the axes. A decision was made to forego any dividing elements along the street. Towards the street, a 10-meter-wide strip of asphalt offers space for cy¬-clists. As a response to the Bluntschli fountain, Christoph Haerle created the “Big Bowl”, which takes up the perfect form of the circle, the abundance of water and the sense of proportion.


Grün Stadt Zürich

Project Info

Park maintenance 1989
Project 2002
Realization 2002
Area 6'800 m²


Hans H. Moser AG, Zürich
SIT Baumpflege GmbH, Aarau


Christoph Haerle