Huob residential and commercial buildings Pfäffikon

The compact development with three buildings – an office building, a senior citizens’ residence and a multi-family residence – is built above a two-story underground parking garage. The access and plaza areas are surfaced with cement slabs and the access road is asphalted. A narrow strip of grass encircles the buildings. Three water basins of various characters and two borders of perennials create accents. Gently curving hornbeam hedges of varying heights form a link to the neighboring gardens. The use made of each building is taken up as a theme, such as the therapy garden with the red wall and hydrangea beds or the playground near the day nursery. The multifaceted situations in such close proximity to one another are held together by a grove of single-leaved black locust trees, which give the site an identity from inside and outside but also simultaneously break the direct visual connection between the closely set buildings.


Swiss RE Zürich

Project Info

Project 2001-2002
Realization 2003-2004
Area 9'200?m²


Feusi + Partner AG, Pfäffikon SZ