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City and Landscape

The rapid changes in the global environment call for new ways of thinking beyond established categories of urban landscapes. It is only when living environments are considered on a large scale that they can be created in a sustainable way for future generations.
The contrasts between city and landscape are becoming more and more blurred. Locations that are difficult to define, that cannot be assigned to one category or the other, are coming into being. For such hybrid spaces, it is necessary to find new interpretations that are accepted by residents as attractive living environments. We comprehend considering spaces on a large scale, and thus as a “landscape,” as an opportunity for qualitative further development toward an ecological city-landscape, which provides a sustainable basis for life for future generations.
Within the framework of the IBA Basel 2020 and Label project “3Land—Drei Städte, eine Zukunft” (Three Cities—One Future), we developed a cross-national nature conservation and open space concept for the urban and industrial landscape spaces of the border triangle.
With the green and open space concept that we developed, the city of Rapperswil-Jona can improve and develop its range of open spaces and interconnect them more optimally for an increasing number of residents.
The urban space concept proposes goals, design approaches and possible uses for upgrading public urban spaces in Lucerne and visualises this potential using selected open spaces as examples.
The boulevard planted with species of maples with tall trunks forms the backbone of the new district of the city of Opfikon. The access roads and green corridors with “courses of streams” for absorbing water from the roofs of the adjacent buildings are situated perpendicular to it.
The parks along the Quai at the lower lake basin are an important site in Zurich and were already inaugurated at the location where the part of the lake was backfilled in 1887. We finely tailored a substantial part of the impressive chain of pearls consisting of various public squares and park areas to their intensive utilizations.

Other Projects