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Culture, Education, Social Life

Open space can be interpreted as a continuation of architecture. An intensive connection between inside and outside is the basis for sustainable living environments.
A fruitful dialogue between inside and outside, buildings and open spaces is an important quality characteristic for urban spaces. Particularly in the case of public buildings, open space should be comprehended as a continuation of the functions of the buildings. Positive synergy effects are unleashed when different needs are precisely coordinated with one another and there is an intensive interconnection between architecture and open space. Architecture and open space permeate one another and create appealing and sustainable living environments.
Im Zuge der Neustrukturierung des Berliner Tierparks werden geographische Themenschwerpunkte umgesetzt. Gemeinsam mit Zoologen und Zoologinnen entwickeln wir die neue »Himalaya-Gebirgslandschaft« mit ihren charakteristischen Tieren, Landschaften und Lebensräumen.
A surrounding green space consisting of a field park and a southern and park garden characterizes the outdoor space and embeds the hospital within the landscape structures. The woodland areas are being enhanced and the Cantonal Hospital Baden integrated within a clearing that already partially exists today.
Die neu gestalteten Freiflächen aus Pausenplatz, Eingangsplatz, Parkplatz, Sportbereich, und Kindergarten nutzen das Grundstück durch geschickte Anordnung optimal aus und nehmen Bezug auf die Nutzungsbereiche im neuen Schulhaus.
With the renovation of the Cleric building, all the open spaces of the school and swimming pool were examined with respect to their potential. A loose grove of light-permeable indigenous trees frames the site and embeds it in the surrounding landscape zone. In addition to the open entrance squares and extensive lawn areas, the future steps and the school garden with its theme gardens form the center.

Municipal Library, Heidenheim

The library in Heidenheim is a new urban sculptural component with an island-like character. The square and street space flow around it with a light-colored surface. Planted areas take up the picture of the building as a “street silhouette” and structure the elongated square by means of offsets.
Sauerbruch Hutton Architects are expanding the Experimenta Science Museum. The entrance plaza with splinter-shaped inlays lies between the present building and the spectacular new Science Dome. Steps lead close to the water. Behind them lies a serene, park-like landscape.
The aim is to preserve the autonomy of the two gardens. This autonomy is expressed in the different atmospheres. The sunny garden of the villa at Seefeldquai 17 captivates with its elaborate enclosure and striking copper beech. A raised terrace takes up the central axis of the villa and guides the gaze to the lake. The garden of the villa at Mainaustrasse 2 fascinates with its shady character. Intimate seating areas are embedded in blue and deep red perennials.
The Ethnographic Museum is receiving a new city garden above the exhibition hall. Under an airy grove of blossoming trees, benches and lawn areas invite relaxing and strolling.
Within the substance worthy of protection, elements such as the avenue are once again strengthened, while the grave fields are arranged anew. Seating areas with cedars invite contemplation. The eastern section is supplemented within the existing structure with new forms of burial.
The renovation of the nursing center is accompanied by the creation of an appealing path leading to new seating areas under wooded groves, planted to supplement the existing stock of trees. Along the path are a pool of water under pagoda trees, a rose garden with cypress oaks, an animal enclosure under Japanese cherries, a playground between spruces, and a fitness facility in Cornelian cherries.
Die zum Abbruch vorgesehene Villa konnte die Stadt in den 1980er Jahren retten. Im verwunschenen Garten haben wir einige verloren gegangene Elemente wiederhergestellt. Das «Auge» im rekonstruierten Rasenrondell bindet die unterirdisch liegende Bibliothek in die Gesamtanlage ein.

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