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Worlds of Work

The worlds of work of tomorrow are oriented entirely toward people. We want to unleash the design-related potential that is already utilized in housing and open space.
High-quality and inspiring work environments are gaining more and more importance in society. Like housing and the utilization of open space, they are determined to a great extent by spatial qualities. Design-related, health, and ergonomic aspects play an important role. In interplay with structural components, diverse spaces give rise to a world of work that aims at people’s wellbeing. It is our conviction that the greener people’s work surroundings are the more sustainably they can act at the workplace.
A traditional company has invented itself anew at its more than 100-year-old site in Berlin. On the new campus, the open space takes on a special task as a scenic and identity-forming link between heterogeneous buildings and their surroundings.

Patek Philippe Site, Plan-les-Ouates

With new, representative outdoor spaces for the watch producer Patek Philippe, we have significantly improved the quality of life for the people who work there. A “Salon Vert” consisting of shade-giving trees supplements a sunny public square with a circular water element.
The sky above and the city below! With “The Circle,” a new part of the city that is supposed to merge with the adjacent recreation space of the Butzenbüel is being created at Zurich Airport. City and landscape enter into a productive spatial dialogue.
Paths, functions, and green areas are interwoven in an orthogonal system to create a geometrical-abstract picture. It is the result of a mixing of art and everyday life—a subtle invitation to question conventional ways of seeing things.
Along with the entrance, the angularly positioned buildings at the headquarters of the company 4B Fenster & Fassaden form a forecourt with a large pool of water in the shade of trees that invites spending time and observing.
What is called for in Zurich-West is a compatible coexistence of housing and commerce with a high quality of life, rather than a demixed, sterile monoculture. A previously fenced-in industrial site has thus been transformed into a permeable district. “Puls 5” represents this transformation exemplarily.
The former clay quarry served as a landfill and was subsequently placed under nature protection. The surface water is not permitted to seep in. With large basins of water, we have created diverse habitats that—corresponding to the artificiality of the location—are also designed in an artificial way.

Other Projects