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sub: og-page_tit: Park on Harburg Castle Island og-page_des: For the International Building Exhibition IBA in Hamburg, Harburg is receiving a park that offers varied park scenery along with historical heritage. Dense groves of trees on the sides open up sight axes to the surrounding waters of the harbor. The slightly elevated site of the former castle is accentuated. og-page_kwd: Landscape Architecture, Topic, og-page_url: [open] og-page_img: [open]
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Park on Harburg Castle Island, Hamburg

Over the millennia, the fortified island rose over the marsh landscape on a slightly elevated site. Layer after layer were added and altered, and uses intersected and overlapped to become a mosaic of fragments that no longer allows the former meaning to be recognized. Nonetheless, the gentle topographic elevation that still distinguishes the site of the castle today does not escape the attentive observer. The castle was pivotal for the history of the location and still allows its former significance to be imagined. This fine topographical feature will be accentuated and further developed as a clearing within a grove of high-stemmed ash trees. This provides the former castle with a representative framing and points to the historical significance of the location. The framework of trees and the clearing emphasize the stellate form of the park, and, along with the construction of new buildings as “bastions” at the vertices, make reference to the former fortress. As a new layer designed in a contemporary manner, the robust concept allows for future developments and facilitates the integration of any historical relicts such as surfacing materials or masonry elements that might come to light.

IBA Hamburg GmbH
Freie & Hansestadt Hamburg
Project Data
Competition 2010, 1st Prize
Planning 2010-2012
Realisation 2012-2013
Area 2.6 ha
Distinction IGA-project
IBA Excellenz Preis (2015), Award
Anerkennung IGA-Projekt (2014), Award
Hamburg-Park auf der Harburger Schlossinsel (2010), Media
Park on Harburger Schlossinsel Hamburg (2010), Media

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