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sub: og-page_tit: Grosshof Bridge og-page_des: The new bridge grows out of the municipality of Sonnenberg like a building, spans the street, and is inserted into the south of the valley landscape. The park on the rooftop landscape links the city with the autobahn park in the south and itself represents an important local recreation area. og-page_kwd: Landscape Architecture, Topic, og-page_url: [open] og-page_img: [open]
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Grosshof Bridge, Kriens

The new bridge grows out of the municipality of Sonnenberg like a building, spans Luzernerstrasse, and is intercepted on the opposite side by the topography of the autobahn entrance and routed into the valley landscape that follows to the south. What is thus created is a gate situation between Sonnenberg and the broadened “Salesiahügel” (Salesia hill), which is not staged, but instead an integrated part of the near-natural landscape. The infrastructure project is thus supposed to be legible as such and, in addition, react to the urban-planning conditions in a differentiated manner. Conceived toward the new city side as a “bridge house” that merges with the landscape on the open valley side, the new Grosshofbrücke mediates between what already exists and the new on all levels and becomes a lively urban landscape. On the Sonnenberg side, the rooftop landscape can be linked with the existing system of paths and connects it with the autobahn park in the south by means of the rooftop park. The design of the park is simple and reserved; species-rich meadows, wild shrubs, and small trees form an ecologically valuable, extensive, open landscape. The promenade is continued under the bridge with a three-dimensional play landscape. Two airy rows of trees mediate between the bridge house and the new structures.

Bundesamt für Strassen ASTRA
Project Data
Competition 2017, 1st prize
Planning since 2017
Area 80`000 m²
Project Team
smarch-Mathys&Stücheli Architekten, Zürich
ACS Partner AG Bauingenieure, Zürich

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