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sub: og-page_tit: Renaturation of the Hauental og-page_des: On the former landfill site, life is awakening again in the new single-family and multi-family houses and their open spaces. The specific location allows us to react differently on all sides and design different open spaces. og-page_kwd: Landscape Architecture, Topic, og-page_url: [open] og-page_img: [open]
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Renaturation of the Hauental, Schaffhausen

The narrow plot of land along the stream in the Hauental is dominated on one side by the stream and on the other by the heavily wooded Hüglezug. The new buildings lie freely in the meadow area stretched out between them.

The open spaces have been created in the form of "theme islands" as clearly defined spaces for retreat and recreation in the otherwise open meadow landscape. These lounges offer a wide range of facilities, from playgrounds and barbecues to relaxation in front of flowering perennials and relaxation in the hammock garden, to meet the most diverse needs of the residents. The functional themes of the outdoor space, such as visitor parking and container parking, are also integrated into hedge spaces. Despite the proximity to the buildings, the green "hedge filters" ensure distance from the interior spaces and the loggias.

The Hemmentalerbach stream was renaturalised, taking into account the tree population worth preserving. The widening of the eastern bank allows the watercourse, which is cut deep into the terrain, to emerge. The choice of planting is limited exclusively to native woody plants such as Salix caprea, Alnus glutinosa and Salix viminalis. The riparian areas are sown with a tall herbaceous vegetation. Stone blocks partially nestle into the embankment areas and invite you to listen to the rushing stream while lying in the sun.

AXA invest Managers Schweiz AG
Project Data
Planning 2011
Realisation 2013-2014
Area 10`000 m²
Project Team
Egli Rohr Partner Architekten AG, Baden

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