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sub: og-page_tit: Conservation Management Plan for Elfenau og-page_des: The special features of this valuable historic garden gently become more strongly emphasized once again as a result of appropriate conservation and cultivation. This includes the opening up of visual links and the more intensive planting of the broad meadows. Individual areas such as the courtyard will be rehabilitated in such a way that the ideas of the original owner become perceptible once again. og-page_kwd: Landscape Architecture, Topic, og-page_url: [open] og-page_img: [open]
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Conservation Management Plan for Elfenau, Bern

Elfenau lies on the south edge of the City of Bern, slightly elevated above the Aar River. The area was first mentioned in documents in 1285 as Klostergut Brunnadern. The name of the monastery (Brunnadern = vein of springs) makes reference to the numerous water sources in the area. The planning of the landscape garden that still exists today goes back to the Russian Grand Duchess Anna Feodorovna. She purchased the estate in 1814, gave her property the poetic name “Elfenau” (elves’ meadow) and com¬missioned the garden architect Joseph Bernhard Baumann from the Alsation village of Bollwiller to transform the estate into a landscape park.

The intentions of Grand Duchess Anna Feodorovna and the garden designer Joseph Bernhard Baumann should be given greater emphasis and, when necessary, created anew.

With various measures, it will be possible to recreate the original atmosphere of the park so it can be experienced again. The paths in the area used for agriculture will be laid out in a very dynamic manner. Due to the lack of sources, the pavilions, benches, and islands of flowers will be realized not as reconstructions but rather as extrapolations from Feodorovna’s ideas expressed in a contemporary language. The broad fields will be cultivated more extensively in order to realize the appeal of flower-filled fields, and the Elfenauhölzli will be maintained as a multifaceted managed forest, enabling it to seem more mysterious. Thanks to adaptations made to the vegetation already present, it will thus also once again be possible to experience the spirit and the perception of the Grand Duchess, both spatially and conceptually, in this area of the park.

Immobilien Stadt Bern
Stadtgrün Bern
Project Data
Park maintenance plan 2008-2009
Particular Project since 2009 in stages
Area 40 ha

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