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sub: og-page_tit: Park am Seebogen, Elinor-Ostrom-Park Aspern og-page_des: The Park am Seebogen is distinguished by its favorable location with respect to the new elevated railway in the Seestadt Aspern. It forms the spatial backbone that links all the parts of the park with one another as a mile for urban use. A framework of trees with alternating rows frames an open clearing. From a centrally positioned park balcony, one can let one’s gaze wander to the nearby lake. og-page_kwd: Landscape Architecture, Topic, og-page_url: [open] og-page_img: [open]
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Park am Seebogen, Elinor-Ostrom-Park Aspern, Wien

In Aspern the lakeside city and the Park am Seebogen are coming into being! Seebogenplatz forms the transition between the park and the nearby Seepromenade (lake promenade). A consistent framework of trees surrounds the park itself. Between the elevated railway and the adjoining residential area, loose rows of column-shaped trees shape the park in an alternating rhythm. The framework of trees defines an open clearing in the park that opens up a view of the surrounding urban spaces and the elevated railway that is planned. The density of the edge of the park is juxtaposed with the openness of the clearing. A park balcony is anchored in the center of the southern clearing. From here, one can let one’s gaze wander over the clearing in the park up to the nearby lake. The elevated railway comes to the fore as the most urban element of the park. It forms the spatial backbone that links all the parts of the park with one another. The space under the railway is designed in one color as a “green salon” with its own individual aura. In the shade of the elevated railway, a diverse world of uses is incorporated in the park. Seebogenpark is distinguished by its robust, spatial structure, which consists of the framework of trees, the clearing, and the use mile under the elevated railway. It will grow along with the city and its people and their changing needs, and looks calmly at possible changes in future.

Wien 3420 AG
Aspern Development AG
Project Data
Competition 2017, 1st prize
Planning 2018-2019
Realisation since 2019
Area 5 ha

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