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Shore of Lake Constance, Lochau

The outstanding site on the eastern bank of Lake Constance offers a unique panoramic view that takes in the three countries, the foothills of the Alps, and the breadth of the lake. This extraordinary location calls for a generous gesture that links and brings out the ensemble of turn-of-the-century grandeur, the floodplain landscape and the harbor atmosphere. A panorama promenade is proposed as the central element, whose area along the shore of the lake is graded all the way to the water. The promenade is accentuated by an avenue lined with two rows of red-blooming umbrella horse chestnut trees, and flanked by an ex­pansive bench. The play of light and shadow under the canopy of trees and the steps to the water in­-tensify the openness on the side next to the water. What arises is an alluring rhythm between areas for retreat under the trees and an open atmosphere between water and sky.

Gemeinde Lochau
Project Data
Competition 2008, 1st Prize
Aera 30 ha
Project Team
Staubli Kurath Partner AG, Zürich

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