A Look Into the Feuilletons - Guido Hager at SRF 2 Culture

In the 2016 Gardening Year SRF2 Culture invites Guido Hager as a guest to share his views to the media under the rubric of “A Look Into the Feuilletons”: What does he read, listen to, and observe? What does he ignore? What does he find truly profound, or


Kolloqium zur Gartenkunstgeschichte


Gartendenkmäler - Paradiese der Zukunft


IFLA-Vortrag 2011

from urban landscape to alpine gardens


Radio interview Guido Hager

project and work experiences in Tripoli


Trailblazer (Gipfelstürmer)

Guido Hager was invited by Kurt Aeschbacher to his broadcast on 18.02.2010.


Guido Hager’s Yearning for Paradise

What significance do gardens have in our fast-paced society and how can historical and contemporary garden art be connected with one another? In conversation with Karin Salm, Guido Hager has the answers.