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Hager Partner - Contemporary Swiss Landscape Architecture

The fourth volume in the series 'Swiss Contemporary Landscape Architecture' focuses on climate-resilient open spaces, designed for people and their diverse needs. Along the theme "Learning from the Park", Hager Partner presents numerous projects.

Hager Partner - Contemporary Swiss Landscape Architecture
8th place in competitionline ranking 2021!
We are very pleased to have reached 8th place in Competitionline's international competition ranking for 2021.
Gender-sensitive planning workshop
Yesterday we had the pleasure to participate in a workshop on gender-sensitive planning organized by the organization LARES. This started with an interactive introduction and professional inputs and was deepened with a walk along practical examples in the public space of Zurich West.
City walk on the theme of humanity
On the third city walk on the topic of people, city psychologist Alice Hollenstein led us in beautiful spring weather to Glattpark, through Leutschenpark, the Inner Garden to the Hunzikerareal. There was a lively discussion about outdoor spaces, first floor uses, human scales, user requirements and participation.
Information event on the place de la gare in Fribourg
The city of Freiburg held an information event about the project to redesign the station square. Mobility was the focus of interest of the residents. .
Completion of new Himalaya area in Tierpark Berlin
We are proud and happy to celebrate not only our 10th anniversary, but also the completion of the new Himalayan area at Tierpark Berlin together with Zoo Director, Finance Senator, Snow Leopard and President of NABU.
10 years Hager Partner AG Berlin!
We are happy that the idea of founding a Depandace in Berlin on 1 April 2012 has become a success story.

Your colleagues from Zurich, Geneva and Stuttgart wish you many more great years. Let's toast together this afternoon!

Current Projects